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OBM is a free messaging and collaboration software : email, shared agenda, contacts and more, on your desktop, smartphones and web browsers.

After 10 years of development, it has evolved in its design into an extremely stable and modular architecture, using proven, stable and scalable open source technologies.


An Enterprise-class platform, OBM is well suited for workgroup on organizations with up to hundreds of thousand users. OBM features Groupware, Messaging, CRM, LDAP, Domain management, Smartphones and PDA synchronization…

OBM is licensed under the GNU General Public License, or GPL (AGPL3). Through this license, you can access the source code to explore, modify or contribute to the improvement of OBM.

The Future of OBM.org

New version of OBM.org is under construction, we introduce him in the summer with little new things.

We already introduce the new version of blog to talk simply with you,

Latest news and Events

OBM Core Team


Please discover the OBM Core Team in our blog and see how beautiful we are !

Roundcube 0.8 and OBM


The Roundcube team is working on the next release 0.8 (today it is a 0.8 Release Candidate). At the same time, the OBM Core team has to adapt the addressbook plugin in order to work with this version and actual stable version 0.7.2. A specific theme is also available. Please read the article in our blog.

Mozilla News


The OBM core team is actively working on the thunderbird side of OBM. We are working on several aspects:

First of all, in order to help us in this endeavour, the core team is pleased to announce that we now count among us Philipp Kewisch, the lead developer of the Lightning extension. Philipp is working with us to include into the extension all the bits needed to make OBM work. The ultimate goal is for the users to be able to use the obm-connector extension without an OBM-patched Lightning.

For this to happen, ...click here for more details in our blog.



This version is publicly available. It contains many fixes you can see in the changelog. Link to changelog



As of today 19th jan. 2012, OBM is officially and publicly available for download, installation and production use.

After many months of delay, the remaining blocking issues, coming from legacy code and the whole set of new features we had to integrate (features involving contracts we had to honor), have been resolved.

It's a great day for us, the core team. That means we're back on track for better support, evolutions, and listening to our users.

Our cumulative changelog can be found here : http://obm.org/doku.php?id=changelogs:changelog_2.4

As a bonus, we've refreshed and made public our old user guides (sorry for our non-French speaking users, the docs are only in French language for the moment). You can access the documents from there : http://obm.org/doku.php?id=docs:userguide:fr:obm24 .

Please note that OBM doesn't support yet Debian Squeeze and CentOS 6, and that Funambol (SyncML) compatibility has been delayed (replaced by a much better ActiveSync support) : these features will be provided soon (they're planned for February-March). If you want to upgrade OBM AND your OS, you'll have to wait another month or so.

Please also note a licence change : we've switched from GPL to “Affero GPL 3 for OBM”. This is basically an AGPL3 with additional terms (allowed by the GPL licence) meant to protect our paternity over the software (you will probably notice a new trademark text in the top right corner of your obm pages).

Hoping to hear from you soon, any feedback will be welcome!

And as we're still in January, I wish you all a very productive and collaborative year!

Best regards,

Lilian Chamontin, OBM

OBM 2.4-RC16


Done ! Our final 2.4.0RC is out. It will simply be renamed as 2.4.0 unless a lately discovered issue is found in the coming days.

Read the Changelog

OBM 2.4-RC15


This release is our last step before OBM 2.4.0 !


OBM 2.4-RC14


Another release candidate, better than ever :) , OBM 2.4.0-RC14 is available.

Link to changelog

OBM 2.4-RC13


A brand new release candidate, OBM 2.4.0-RC13 is out (it also includes the RC11 backlog, which hadn't been publicly released).

Targets RPM support, opush (smartphones) and thunderbird fixes

Check it out !

Link to changelog

OBM 2.4-RC9


OBM 2.4.0-RC9 is out, check it out as it's our best release so far !

With the help of our new dev factory (our last week's barcamp), and the fact we've closed nearly all annoying issues we should be able to release a 2.4.0-stable version really soon.

Link to changelog

OBM Barcamp


The whole team has gathered this week in Paris to create our new forge : from svn to git, better packaging tools, new continuous integration platform, and one-click release !

Older news

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