Domains default groups

Groups automatically created at a domain creation or update

If the domain is a windows domain (samba)

gid group description
512Domain AdminsWindows Domain Administrators
513Domain UsersWindows Domain Users
514Domain GuestsWindows Domain Guests
1000UsersStandard users group

If the domain is NOT a windows domain

gid group description
1000UsersStandard users group
  • These groups are created in the domain
  • These groups are created only if a group with the gid does not already exist in the domain
  • When a domain is updated, if windows status is changed, the new corresponding groups are created if needed, current “deprecated” groups are NOT deleted
  • It is NOT possible to delete one of these groups

Host group handling (515)

  • The automate automatically manages the '515' group (Hosts)
    • This group does not exists in the OBM database
    • This group is automatically created in the LDAP if domain is samba
    • Currently [2.2.1] this group doesn't contain hosts object, it is just created
  • If there is Samba Host, Host Ldap object use 'posixAccount' and 'sambaSamAccount'
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