Windows Domains

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OBM allows to handle Windows domains (a la NT4 domains) via Samba.

A domain is considered as a windows domain when it has a valid “Windows domain name”.

When creating or updating a domain :

  • if it has a Windows domain name, each windows fields must be set correctly
  • else each windows fields must be empty (an error will be raised otherwise)

Windows domain fields :

field empty value description
windows domain nameempty string
domain SIDempty stringcan be generated automatically
Profile default pathempty string
User home default pathempty string%u will be replaced by user login
User home default drive- - -a drive letter

Updating a domain to Windows, or supress windows from a domain

Removing the windows property from a domain

Each user, group is updated to have the samba attribute to false.

What about hosts ? bugzilla #238

Default windows domain groups are preserved (Domain Admins,..), but samba ldap attributes of entities are deleted.

Adding the windows property to a domain

Nothing (users, groups, hosts) is changed.

Default windows domain groups (Domain Admins,..) are created if not present (based on the gid)

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