OBM 3.2.0 is out!

The OBM team is proud to present the latest and greatest version of the product, OBM 3.2.0. This is a major release with some new features and a number of bug fixes and improvements.
Whether you're still running OBM 2.5 or OBM 3 already, we strongly advise you to upgrade.

Please note that this version is not supported on Debian Squeeze anymore, though it might still work on this platform.

Opush 3.1.1 release

The OBM Core Team is releasing today a new version of the ActiveSync server: Opush 3.1.1.

Bug fixes:

  • Don't block synchronization when receiving an email
    • containing an ICS invitation illegally formed
    • containing an ICS without DTSTAMP
    • containing an attachment with multiple key-value name

See the JIRA issue navigator if you want to see the list and more details.


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