Downloads & Sources


Find the last lightning plugin and obm-connector plugin for your obm installation into the stable directory and see supported platforms for compatibility.

OBM Packages

See supported platforms for a list of platforms we support as well as system requirements.

Debian (See also Install OBM on Debian Lenny and Install OBM on Debian Squeeze)

RedHat also Install OBM 2.4.0 on CentOS 5 and Install OBM 2.5 on CentOS 6)

Roundcube and OBM addressbook plugin

The addressbook from OBM is fully synchronizable with the one from the webmail Roundcube. Find the last stable addressbook plugin here or the full webmail with an already embedded plugin here. (See also Synchronize OBM with Roundcube)


OBM uses the Git versioning system. Once git is installed on your computer, clone the repository:

git clone obm