Ansible brought to OBM-Deploy the ability to be configured in many ways to perfectly fit your needs.

OBM-Deploy uses a large amount of configuration files but don't panic, they are organized is a manner that makes them easy to understand.

To learn more about Ansible variables precedence, please refer to the [dedicated documentation].

- [Global configuration](#global-configuration)
- [Specific configuration](#specific-configuration)
- [Group specific configuration](#group-specific-configuration)
- [Host specific configuration](#host-specific-configuration)

Global configuration

Global configuration is done in config.yml.

OBM-Deploy can work with an empty config.yml, default values are stored in group_vars/all.

Variables in this file are used by all hosts unless you override them using group or host specific configuration.

Specific configuration

Role specific default configuration, if applicable, is stored in roles/*role_name*/vars/main.yml file.

As a user, you never have to edit these files but each default global or role variable can be overridden on per-host or a per-group basis.

Group specific configuration

In the group_vars/*group_name*.yml file, you can override some variables for the related group.

Host specific configuration

In the host_vars/*host_name*.yml file, you can override some variables for the related host.

[dedicated documentation]: "Variables precedence on"

[dedicated documentation]: "Variables precedence on"Nike Special Forces Air Force 1 Boots