Supported mobile phones

OBM is a server-side platform. Connecting the smartphone to OBM is smartphone-dependent. We recommend wifi-enabled PDAs for free wireless synchronizations.
Here is a list of PDA/smartphones which are known to be compatible with Opush (tested with version 2.4.x, and/or version 2.5.x, and/or version 3.x). This list is likely to be updated while new models are validated by our QA service or by community.

Vendor (OS) Model Contacts Mail Agenda
Apple (iOS 5, iOS6, iOS7) iPhone, iPad OK OK OK
Apple (iOS 8) iPad OK OK ~OK (see OP-93)
BlackBerry (OS 10) Z10 OK OK OK
Fairphone (Android 4.2.2) FP1 OK OK OK
Google (Android 4.2.1) Nexus 7 OK OK OK
HTC (Windows Mobile 6.5) HD Mini OK OK OK
HTC (Android 2.3.3) Desire OK OK OK
HTC (Android 2.3.5) Desire S OK OK OK
Huawei/Bouygues telecom (Android 4.3) Ultym 5 OK OK OK
Nokia (Symbian 9.3) E72 OK OK OK
Nokia (Windows Phone 8.0) Lumia 920 OK OK OK
Samsung (Android 2.3) Galaxy S/SII OK OK OK
Samsung (Android 4.1.2) Galaxy SII OK OK OK
Samsung (Android 4.0+) Galaxy Note OK OK OK
Samsung (Android 4.0+) Galaxy Nexus OK OK OK
Motorola (Android 4.4.2) Moto G OK OK OK
Samsung (Windows Mobile 6.5) Omnia Pro B7350/B7350 (OBM > 2.3.7) OK OK OK
Samsung (Windows Phone 7.5) Omnia 7 OK OK OK

Warning: starting with OPush 3, iOS5, Windows Mobile < 7 and Android < 3 are no more supported.


AstraSync is an Exchange ActiveSync client application for Blackberry. This is a third party software (not supported by OBM) which has to be purchased separately and be installed on a Blackberry phone. It replaces the native email and agenda by its own rich messaging UI. Connection to OBM is then assured by OPush.

Known phone bugs

Some smartphones have been released with bugs that OBM isn't able to work around.
The Known Bugs page (work in progress) list these known problems.


Opush is a free ActiveSync server : on capable devices there is no need to install additional software.

On Nokia devices you need to have Mail For Exchange installed.


Our Opush server implement the autodiscover feature, the documentation could be found there.

More details on test ?

See Contact support tests.
See Agenda support tests.
See Mail support tests.