How to translate OBM

Thanks for your interest in OBM and your contribution spirit.


* Ability to translate in a not-yet translated language
* Have a **[Github](** account
* Terminal with git (on linux) or github app for **[mac](** or **[windows](**

**Never use Git or github ? [this is all you need to know for start to use git with github account](**

* Text editor (gedit, brackets, sublime text or other)

Fork OBM repo on Github

Once logged to github, you have to fork the **[OBM official repository on github](**


Clone repo on your local desktop

**[See the full guide to fork repository from github application guide](**

**[Or use your terminal to download the repository you just forked from OBM official repository](**

Translation interface
* **Verify your are on the master branch**
* Duplicate folder of one langage from _**ui/obminclude/lang/**_ and rename it with **[locale iso code 639-1](**
* open file **** with an editor, you must have this view:


OBM languages files are written in PHP to import and find easily the right term to use in the application interface.

These files are respecting the same pattern:

$l_**[Name of variable]** = "**[Value of variable]**"

**You must change only the value of variable between double quote, don't loose them, they are vital**

Translate Mail Templates
**JAVA** :

Duplicate folder of one language from **java/sync/services-module/eclipse-build/org/sync/server/mailer/template**


This is an example of **.tpl** file we use, it's an **HTML** so you must change only the words between orange borders.

**PHP** :

The arrangement of php templates are not the same, we have sub-folder by category in **ui/views/mail/** where languages folder are.


This is an example of plain format template, you must change sentences and word except things between ****

Display the country flag

Now you need to add the country to display it in user settings :

* Find an image/icon of your flag : size *50px** x **33px** (resize him if necessary) in **gif** or **png**
* Name it like this flag_**[exact name of your language folder]**.extension
* Move it to default theme of OBM : _**ui/resource/theme/default/images**_

* Now edit the file **ui/resource/theme/default/** to add the flag like this:

$flag_**[exact name of your language folder]** = "$theme_path/**[name of your image with extension]**"

_**! not needed for spanish, deutsch, italian, norvegian and romanian flag, we keep it from old half translated version.**_


Time to push and pull

**[See the documentation to _Making and pushing changes_ and _Making a Pull Request_](**

Thanks for your contribution,

See you on github ;)

**OBM Core Team**Obuwie