OBM development team uses de git version control system for its sources. You can easily get the source code using it.

## Install git on your computer

The first thing to do is to setup git on your computer. Using Linux, it should be as simple as :

apt-get install git

if you're on Debian/ubuntu flavor, or

yum -y install git

if you're running a RedHat/Fedora distribution.

## Get the source

Use the clone command of git to get the source code of every components of OBM like so :

git clone http://git.obm.org/obm

You then have a **obm** folder containing all the sources.

Now you should get easily every source code :

Components | Source link
------------- | -------------
Obm-sync, opush, obm-ui |
Lightning connector |
OBM Lightning fork |
OBM Rouncube fork | Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Cny