OBM In Details

OBM aims to provide well-integrated groupware and project management for teams of all sizes. In today’s fast-paced world, high availability is a must. Therefore OBM provides a secure solution that reduces the chance for an outage. As Linagora’s focus is on Open Source Software, OBM uses the power of the community to provide a premier quality solution fit for the users needs.

* Webmail, calendar web 2.0, contacts management and so much more, discover [OBM Features](/content/obm-features "OBM Features").
* How does it work ? With which component ? Explore [OBM Architecture](/content/obm-architecture "OBM Architecture").
* How to download, install and configure it ? Read and follow links available in this [page](/content/downloads-sources)
* Read more about [OBM License](/content/obm-license "OBM License") : GNU Affero General Public License version 3 – for OBM.
* Take a tour with some [Screenshots](/content/screenshots "Screenshots") to estimate user experience or try it with our [demo platform](/content/try-it)

# To go further

* Have a look at the [user guides](/wiki/user-guides), currently in french only.
* Want to use [reCaptcha](http://obm.org/wiki/recaptcha) functionnality ?
* Want to use the webmail [Roundcube](http://roundcube.net/) ? Experience the [roundcube address book plugin for OBM](http://obm.org/wiki/install-roundcube-address-book-plugin-obm)
* ... and of course if you want to contribute, feel free to [join the community](http://obm.org/content/contributing-obm)

You could also be interested by the list of [known issues](/wiki/known-issues).New Arrivals