OBM 2.5.11 is out!

The OBM team is proud to present the latest maintenance release of the 2.5 branch, OBM 2.5.11.
This release brings a number of bug fixes:

* [OBMFULL-6436](https://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-6436) Resuming a `ping` request no more throw a IllegalStateExceptionin
* [OBMFULL-6430](https://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-6430) When a SSO session has expired, calendar interactions now correctly redirect to the login page
* [OBMFULL-6429](https://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-6429) "Invalid view" was sometimes erroneously displayed in obm-ui
* [OBMFULL-6428](https://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-6428) OPush is now better at parsing emails containing attachments with multiple key-value names

## Issue tracker

The complete list of fixed issues can be found in our [issue tracker](https://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/issues/?jql=project%20%3D%20OBM%20AND%2...).

## This version is yours!

As in any OBM release, the product is fully open source. Sources can be fetched [using GIT](/content/obm-git), and is packaged for [CentOS](/wiki/install-obm-25-centos-6) and [Debian](/wiki/install-obm-debian-squeeze).

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