OBM 2.5.11 is out!

The OBM team is proud to present the latest maintenance release of the 2.5 branch, OBM 2.5.11. This release brings a number of bug fixes:

  • OBMFULL-6436 Resuming a ping request no more throw a IllegalStateExceptionin
  • OBMFULL-6430 When a SSO session has expired, calendar interactions now correctly redirect to the login page
  • OBMFULL-6429 "Invalid view" was sometimes erroneously displayed in obm-ui
  • OBMFULL-6428 OPush is now better at parsing emails containing attachments with multiple key-value names

Issue tracker

The complete list of fixed issues can be found in our issue tracker.

This version is yours!

As in any OBM release, the product is fully open source. Sources can be fetched using GIT, and is packaged for CentOS and Debian.

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