OBM 2.5.6 release

Because we wish you a happy new year 2014, we released version **2.5.6** today with a lot of improvements, new features and bug fixes.. As usual, it is available for free download and free upgrade. It replaces version 2.5.5 or any older major version.
You should also upgrade your OBM Connector if you use Thunderbird (Connector [****](http://obm.org/mozilla-addons/obm-connector/stable/tb17/) for version lower than 17 and Connector [**4.0.2**](http://obm.org/mozilla-addons/obm-connector/stable/tb24) for the latest Thunderbird 24 ESR version).

# What's new in this release ?

## Performance and stability improvements
* First please refer to a previous article: [A stressful journey](http://obm.org/blog/stressful-journey). OBM version 2.5.6 is the first one gaining for the various improvements and bug fixes we managed during this operation of stress and performance testing.
* A LDAP connection leak has been fixed
* Bitronix Disk Journal has been upgraded, this will resolve excessive journal I/O pressure problem
* DataBase connection is now closed when an exception occurs
* A IMAP connection leak due to a login or logout command failure has been fixed
* OPush smartphones synchronization can now reject flooding requests

## Other improvements
* It is now possible to expose the calendar of a resource as a HTML
* A group of resources can now be invited
* User search and export is now limited with a configuration option available in the user profile

## OBM bug fixed
* Locator client has now a request timeout
* Contact synchronization with bad emails is correctly handled on smartphones synchronization
* A confidential or private event does not lose its privacy status when modified on most smartphones
* No synchronization error when modifying an event containing a resource with a smartphone
* Modified recurrent event with exceptions don't create duplicate occurences
* Issues with timezone in resource calendars have been fixed
* Improvements in order to avoid duplicate events have been done
* Restoring the calendar of a user was sometimes changing the organizer
* A moved event with a resource no more add a contact in the event and reinitialize the resource participation state
* An issue with vcf contact export has been fixed
* "New appointment" button was hidden for no reason when displaying a resource in calendar web interface
* A problem when clicking "next month" in the calendar web interface has been fixed
* A free/busy issue with allday events has been fixed
* Also, a free/busy issue with resources in calendar web interface has been fixed
* Modifying an allday event was sometimes causing the end date to be incorrect

## Mozilla Thunderbird Connector bug fixed
* Attendance submenu hidden on read only resource calendars
* Modifications of the resource calendar synchronization interval is now supported
* Absolute alarms are now supported
* To avoid performance issues, a pagination filter has been added in calendar and resource subscriptions
* An issue causing the synchronization to fail has been fixed when our sync server was slow or unreachable
* Calendar display with a lot of resources was sometimes very slow, it has been fixed
* Connector password was erased even when login fails for another reason than a wrong password

* See the [JIRA issue navigator](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/issues/?jql=fixVersion%3D%222.5.6%22%20A...) if you want to see the all list. You need to be logged in to access it.

# How to get it ?

As any OBM release, the product is fully open source. Sources can be fetched [using the GIT SCM](http://obm.org/content/obm-git), and is available as binary packages for [CentOS](http://obm.org/content/install-obm-25-centos-6) and [Debian](http://obm.org/wiki/install-obm-debian-squeeze).Heel Shoes Boat Shoes