OBM 2.5.7 release

Version **2.5.7** is now available for free download and free upgrade. It replaces version 2.5.6 or any older major version.
You should also upgrade your OBM Connector if you use Thunderbird (Connector [****](http://obm.org/mozilla-addons/obm-connector/stable/tb17/) for version lower than 17 and Connector [**4.0.3**](http://obm.org/mozilla-addons/obm-connector/stable/tb24) for the latest Thunderbird 24 ESR version).

# What's new in this release ?

## Translation
* Vietnamese translation is now available

## Other improvements
* PDF printing for planning view has been implemented
* A user search or an export has now a limited number of results

# OBM bug fixes
* VCF data were not correctly exported when a contact contained multi-lines with '\n'
* It wasn't possible to remove some contact fields (e.g., phone numbers) through synchronization. This is now fixed
* A contact with fields containing double quotes was not well interpreted. This bug has been fixed
* A contact category is not lost anymore after an update with the REST interface
* Searching a company also searches within AKA information
* Phone and fax numbers are added in the contact search results
* A contact search query can now contain a string with accents
* The information displayed for private events are coherent between the web interface and Thunderbird
* The time in the detail of an event displayed in the email received on a smartphone is now correct with respect to the timezone used
* "Show resources calendards after event creation" now works and does what is expected
* An external outlook user receiving an event from a smartphone or a TB can now accept/refuse the event
* A contribution on CAS authentication, in order to be compliant with the renater SUPANN norm, has been added in our code. Thanks to our contributor!
* Since version 2.5.5, the conflict list could contain too many elements in the web interface. It has been fixed
* Notifications emails are now sent on an installation where sync services are split from smtp services
* In very rare cases, some requests were not honored if both of them were received at the same time

## Mozilla Thunderbird Connector bug fixed
* Wrong "already processed" message on a new invitation

# All issues
* See the [JIRA issue navigator](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/issues/?jql=fixVersion%3D%222.5.7%22%20A...) if you want to see the entire list. You need to be logged in to access it.

# How to get it?

As any OBM release, the product is fully open source. Sources can be fetched [using the GIT SCM](http://obm.org/content/obm-git), and is available as binary packages for [CentOS](http://obm.org/content/install-obm-25-centos-6) and [Debian](http://obm.org/wiki/install-obm-debian-squeeze).Obuwie