OBM 3.1.1 is out!

We are happy to announce the release of OBM 3.1.1. This version supersedes version 3.1.0 or any older version.
This is a bugfix release containing 4 fixes for the [Provisioning API](http://obm.org/wiki/obm-provisioning-api) and the following improvements:

* [OBMFULL-6294](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-6294) It is now possible to disable the _confidential_ privacy level in OBM
* [OBMFULL-6218](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-6218) Private events anonymization behaviour is now configurable
* [OBMFULL-6298](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OBMFULL-6298) Using the provisioning API, you can now archive or unarchive a user using POST/PUT/PATCH on its entity

# Tests
Performance and installation/upgrade [test results](http://obm.org/wiki/test-results) are available.

# All issues
See [JIRA](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/issues/?filter=11759) if you want to see the entire list.

# How to get it?
As any OBM release, the product is fully open source.
Sources can be fetched using [GIT](http://obm.org/content/obm-git), and are available as binary packages for [CentOS](http://obm.org/wiki/install-obm-3-centos-6) and [Debian](http://obm.org/content/install-obm-31-debian-wheezy).Air Jordan