OBM Lightning Connector v4.1.4 is out !

We have just released version 4.1.4 of OBM's Lightning Connector.
It's a bugfix release of the 4.x branch compatible with Thunderbird 31, 38 and 45; so if you're running this version we advise you to upgrade.

The complete list of fixed issues is:

* [OLC-85](https://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/browse/OLC-85) Free/Busy did not work in Thunderbird 38+

You can get the latest version directly from [obm.org](http://download.obm.org/mozilla-addons/obm-connector/stable/tb38/obm-con...).
The upgrade is quick and painless, go ahead and try it out!Male Nike Shoes