Opush 3.0.4 release

The OBM Core Team is releasing today a new version of the ActiveSync server: *Opush 3.0.4*. This is a version fixing the following issues:

* Reply to an email with no charset defined works now perfectly
* No more errors with users without IMAP Sent folder
* A deleted occurence on a smartphone is now correctly deleted in Thunderbird calendar too
* Invalid ServerId in incoming requests are now handled
* Useless HTML tags are no longer displayed in the preview of iOS devices

* See the [JIRA issue navigator](http://ci-obm.linagora.com/jira/issues/?filter=11758) if you want to see the list and more details.

# How to get it ?
To upgrade from a previous version of Opush follow [this section](http://docs.obm.org/opush/opush.html#_upgrades).
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