Opush 3.1.0 release



The OBM Core Team is releasing today a new version of the ActiveSync server: Opush 3.1.0.

The major improvements are the following:

  • Mailboxes are now displayed as a tree
  • Set the display name of the sender on emails sent by Opush

Bug fixes:

  • Repair contact creation on some Androids

    WARN: Be aware that due to OP-53, every device will forget its OBM data, synchronization states will be reinitialized from scratch for everybody

  • Always respect the "synchronize all items" option
  • Item changes are not skipped anymore when many modifications are discovered at the same time
  • Ability to reduce the max WindowSize from server side
  • Limit the amount of data retreived by IMAP on only attachments emails
  • First attachment of only attachments emails is no more skipped
  • More elegant first synchronization on Android
  • Faster synchronization thanks to a SQL query improvement
  • Restore the Windows Phone synchronization capability
  • Allday event date can be moved on the device when something modified by obm-ui
  • [Cassandra] Retry a cassandra query when a timeout is encountered
  • [Cassandra] Failsoft capacity when too many nodes are down to get the QUORUM
  • LSB compliance of the "status" command
  • Installation using the "noninteractive" mode is now supported
  • Folders deletion is done when opush and opush-conf packages are purged

See the JIRA issue navigator if you want to see the list and more details.

How to get it ?

To upgrade from a previous version of Opush follow this section.

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