The Core Team is preparing version 2.4.1 Beta1

Our first 2.4.1 Beta version is about to be published. It is now in its final phase, which means that it is being tested by our QA Team. The major improvements that you will gain are the following:

  • many fixed issues in Thunderbird: notifications, delegation of calendars, acceptation buttons
  • Timezone is now correctly processed, specifically with allday events on different timezones using smartphones
  • a lot of improvements concerning the email sync on smartphones: for example there was an encoding problem on iphone/ipad, and with multipart emails
  • many fixed issues concerning recurring events. With the web view, a user can accept or refuse one occurence which is not an execption of a serie
  • no more synchronization errors when an event with an external attendee is created with the Thunderbird connector
  • week numbers are now visible in the web view calendar (see screenshot)
  • CentOS 6 support


All the details are in our Jira with Fix/version = 2.4.1-Beta1