Sprint in progress…

Hi OBM community,

The current sprint will last from 10/07/2012 to 23/07/2012 and the matched sprint review will take place the 24/07/2012. There is two teams so there is two sprint, one located in Paris, the other one in Lyon.
The release of a beta version, the compatibility with CentOS6 and the possibility for users to synchronize their IMAP folder on their PDA are now our main purposes and will lead the sprints.

The first beta of OBM 2.4.1 will be a very big and important step before the stable version. With it and for Thunderbird and the synchronization part, recurrences will be much more robust. At the moment, we still have some issues with synchronization on CentOS6 but it should be fixed by the end of the sprint as first analysis show that it should be minor.
And at last we will improve current backup system and backup interface in OBM-UI for a client but the feature itself should be interesting for others.

Here a glimpse of the issues which will be dealed with :

OBMFULL-3898 : Modifying a whole serie or an occurrence duplicates the event in TB.
OBMFULL-3943 : Modifying the date of one occurence of a weekly serie duplicates the occurence in obm-ui.
OBMFULL-3942 : Domain creation, bug in cyrus : partition not created and update not possible.
OBMFULL-3955 : Cannot change the organizer of an event in obm-ui.
OBMFULL-3859 : CentOS6 : Participation update not sent and transation timed out with Bitronix.
OBMFULL-3897 : Lots of PHP error when using obm-ui on CentOS6.
OBMFULL-3950 : Create a batch to save user calendar/mailbox/contact by using backup function from OBM.
OBMFULL-3951 : Improve UI to restore calendar/mailbox saved by the batch.

…and for the second sprint about the activeSync synchronization with smartphones:

OBMFULL-3822 : “Nouvel événement” is added at the beginning of the title of an event on ipad.
OBMFULL-2868 : Implement IMAP folder subscribe and sync.
OBMFULL-3948 : A simple event modified to be recurrent does not work

…and if we still have time at the end of the sprint we will fix this Issue:

OBMFULL-3938 : When windows phone accepts an event it renames the event with the title of the invitation email

Don’t hesitate to follow the links to be more aware about these issues.

And finally some key figures, some time will be spent for our brand new obm.org website (which will be published very very soon !).

Nike Schuhe