Opush 3.0.3 released

Your smartphones, tablets and phablets will thank you today if you upgrade to the latest Opush version *3.0.3*. This is a bug fix release fixing these two issues:

* The "days to sync" option was broken with the latest version, meaning that all data were synchronized instead of the configured range. It is fixed with this upgrade, and only datas you are requesting are synchronized
* With a large collection of new data (more than 65535 items), the synchronization doesn't fail any longer

OBM-DEPLOY 0.1 Release


After months of work, the OBM core team is proud to present you with an awesome tool which makes the deployment of OBM easier than ever!

**Do you need scalability? Would you like to deploy OBM to multiple server nodes?**

### [OBM-Deploy is for you!](

OBM-Deploy is a new tool provided by OBM Core Team at Linagora, to make OBM deployment a fast, easy and secure process.


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