Why our release process is getting faster

As you may have noticed if you follow OBM’s life, we, the OBM Core Team have decided to release more often.
Of course, this is not an easy decision, and it means a lot of modifications in our daily work.

Let’s first explain...

...what leads us to that organization turn.

We operate in a fast moving environment.


OBM is out!

The OBM team is proud to announce the availability of OBM version

Following is a summary of what changed:

## OPush

This version fixes two crucial bugs :

1. Since, we store more sensitive information into EHCache and expect it to be persistent. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as expected for various reasons and every server restart makes this information disappear. It's now fixed into
2. Some phones had a hard time doing initial synchronization, so we are now more forgiving about protocol respect to make it work smoothly.

Publication de OBM

Nous somme heureux d'annoncer la publication officielle de OBM, disponible en téléchargement au format .deb et .rpm.
Consultez la [documentation]( pour obtenir les instructions d'installation et d'autres liens.

### OBM est désormais compatible avec :
+ CentOS 6.x
+ Thunderbird 10.0.7 ESR
+ Roundcube 0.8.1


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