Hey Opush, what's going on?!

Good news! Opush is moving forward and the next release will hopefully bring many major changes.
This version is in its last stage of developpement and we already use it internally, you can follow improvements at [](

Interested? So let's talk about some of them!

## Moving Opush out of the OBM build process

New features of the Thunderbird connector

We recently implemented a bunch of new features for the Mozilla Thunderbird connector for OBM:

# Proactive Synchronization

This feature's primary goal is to provide a "near real-time" view of OBM calendars in Lightning.
This is achieved with two major improvements:

* A background synchronization is triggered when an event is created/updated/removed from an OBM calendar in Lightning.
* A background synchronization is triggered when a notification email is received in Thunderbird.

### A typical use case:

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