Release of OBM

We are proud to announce the official release of OBM version now downloadable from our public repositories (Debian and RPM). See [documentation]( for install instructions and various links.

### OBM is now compatible with:
+ CentOS 6.x
+ Thunderbird 10.0.7 ESR
+ Roundcube 0.8.1

### General usage
+ An appointment can be transfered from a calendar to an other
+ Synchronization is more robust : less synchronization error and automatic resumption in Thunderbird
+ Lots of notifications improvement : more and better messages for users, in OBM web interface as well as in Thunderbird
+ Many bugs fixes about recurrent events. Now series and its exceptions are processed properly, and right notifications are sent

### OBM-UI (Web Interface)
+ New theme OBM 2.4.1 ! This theme is set by default. For the nostalgic of the old one, it's still accessible in user's setting

+ A user can now edit individually one event which is part of a serie, and transforms it to an exception
+ Minor changes of icons about participation status and alarms on an appointment
+ Past events don't count anymore in "Waiting event" counter and are not listed
+ It's not possible to reinitialize an exception from a recurrent event

### Major feature : comment system
When a user changes his participation to an event (generally accept or decline), he can motive his new status by writing a little comment. Those sentences will be send in his email notification and in the detail of event on OBM-UI. So everyone who can see this appointment in their calendar can also read other's comments. If you can't participate to a meeting, it's a good way to explain why.

## Connector and plugin
New OBM connector and Lightning for Thunderbird 3 and Thunderbird 10, and new OBM addressbook plugin for Roundcube 0.8.1 are available at this [address](

## Webmail
+ Collected contact collects unknown recipient email which aren't yet in one of your address book, except public addressbook
+ OBM addressbook have pagination. Number of contact per page can be set up in user setting
+ Extended contact information : new fields on your contacts allow to synchronize more information between Roundcube and OBM
+ New skin larry-by-obm

## Mobility
+ Huge enhancement of smartphone synchronization
+ Better email encoding support

### Major feature: email folders synchronization
Email folders with IMAP are now synchronized: create your folder hierarchy in any OBM compatible client and find them in your smartphone. Benefit of your emails classification and organization everywhere !

## Administration
+ User pattern created by admin0 are now available for every admin in all sub-domain
+ Public access to user's calendar can be blocked to avoid undesirable sharing
+ Fix some security issues
+ OBM works with PHP 5.3

## Scalability
+ Creation of event on OBM web interface is faster
+ Optimization of load balancing with Thunderbird

If you have a Jira account for OBM, you can access to the exhaustive list of our issues [here](

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