Ansible based Open Business Management ([**OBM**](http://obm.org "The new generation of collaborative software")) full-featured deployment tool.

*OBM Installations made easy !*

#### Table of contents

- [OBM-Deploy project](#obm-deploy-project)
- [Objectives](#objectives)
- [Current Status](#current-status)
- [Disclaimer](#disclaimer)
- [Need Help](#need-help)
- [Documentation](#documentation)
- [About ansible](#about-ansible)
- [Installation](#installation)
- [Quick start](#quick-start)
- [Inventories](#inventories)
- [Configuration](#configuration)
- [Roles index](#roles-index)
- [Mirror Mode](#mirror-mode)
- [Development](#development)
- [Roadmap](#roadmap)
- [Get involved](#get-involved)

OBM-Deploy project [▲](#top-page "back to top")


- Quickly build deployment environments
- Standardize OBM installations
- Separate configuration management from packaging
- Make deployments costless much more simple and efficient

Current Status

- Centos 6 and RHEL 6 support
- OBM 2.5 and OBM 3.0 branches
- Support remote hosts without direct internet access
- No clustering feature available yet


OBM-Deploy automatically updates and sometimes overwrites your configuration files.
Its behavior is subject to change. Use it with caution, especially in production.
We discourage you to use it to update an already installed OBM infrastructure.
OBM-Deploy isn't included yet in Linagora's commercial support offers.

Need Help

Need help using obm-deploy ?
Use our [**mailing-list**](http://obm.org/node/19 "OBM official mailing-list") or our [**#obm IRC channel**](http://irc.lc/freenode/obm/ "Webchat to official #obm channel on freenode") on freenode to ask your questions.

Documentation [▲](#top-page "back to top")

About ansible

[About ansible](docs/ansible.mkd) : Become familiar with basic Ansible concepts


[Installation](docs/install.mkd) : Instructions to install OBM-Deploy.

Quick start

[Quickstart](docs/quickstart.mkd) : Run your first deployment now.


[Inventories](docs/inventories.mkd) : Construct more complex infrastructures.


[Configuration](docs/configuration.mkd) : Learn how to fine-tune your deployment.

Roles index

[Roles](docs/roles.mkd) : Take a look under the hood.

Mirror Mode

[Mirror-mode](docs/mirror-mode.mkd) : Deploy remote nodes without Internet access.

Development [▲](#top-page "back to top")


[Roadmap](docs/roadmap.mkd) : What you can hope for the future.

Get involved

[Contribute](docs/contribute.mkd) : Leave your own mark on the project.
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