Calendar resources in Thunderbird

With current version (last stable version is, it is possible to manage resources in the web interface, but not in Thunderbird. We are now working on the integration of resources in Thunderbird and it will be available for version 2.4.2 we plan to release before the end of this year.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, it will be very simple. You will be able to subscribe to resources calendar the same way you already subscribe others users calendars; for example a meeting room, a car, a laptop....

OPush is on a diet

With OBM 2.4.1-beta2 today’s release, the memory footprint of OPush during email synchronization, has been amazingly reduced.
Opush is the OBM “MS Exchange ActiveSync” implementation.

For some times now, we know that OPush is very bad at synchronizing emails.

Until 2.4.1-alpha10 version of OPush, when a smartphone asked for new emails, the server loaded all new emails into memory, and then truncated them to the requested size.



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