## OBM-UI configuration

### Default availability for _all-day_ events

In OBM, _all-day_ events are created by default with Free availability, which means that such events don't prevent other users to invite you to another meeting on that day.
As of OBM ****, a new user preference exists to set the default availability for such events. This allows every user to decide if he/she want to appear Busy or Free when creating an _all-day_ event.

This preference can be changed in _My Account > Settings > Calendar availability for all day events_, as shown below.
User Setting

The default value is globally set to Free when installing OBM but can be changed by a domain administrator using _Dictionary > Preferences_, as shown below:
User Setting

The valid values when setting the default value for this preference are as follows:
| Value | Meaning |
| -------- | -------- |
|OPAQUE | Busy |
Zapatillas hombre