Test case descriptions

Here you will find links to manual tests that are systematically executed before each final release. Of course many other tests are done everyday (unit tests, integration tests, monkey tests, manual tests, component tests...etc) and after each Issue fix, but they are not listed here.
If you are interested in manual tests, you can go and see what is done in [Testlink](http://testlink.obm.org).

## Synchronization of smartphones
+ [Emails](http://obm.org/content/mail-test)
+ [Contacts](http://obm.org/content/contacts-tests)
+ [Calendar](http://obm.org/content/calendar-tests)

## Installation and upgrades
+ [Installation](http://obm.org/content/installation-tests)
+ [Upgrade](http://obm.org/content/upgrade-tests)nike