Customizing contacts' display name

Starting from version, the Thunderbird connector supports a custom display name for contacts. This means that you can override the default "FirstName LastName" format.
As a reminder, here's how the connector handles the display name:

  • If a contact or user has a commonname attribute defined in the OBM database, this value is used and takes precedence over anything else.
  • If not, the connector builds a display name using a custom rule. Before version, the rule simply used "FirstName LastName".

To use a custom format, you can edit the advanced property extensions.obm.addressbooks.displayName.defaultFormat in Thunderbird's configuration editor. This property accepts a String that can contain tokens that will be replaced by actual contact properties.
The available tokens are:

Token Meaning
%FirstName% The contact's first name
%LastName% The contact's last name
%NickName% The contact's nickname
%PrimaryEmail% The contact's primary email address
%Department% The contact's department or division inside the company
%Company% The contact's company


Following are some examples of custom display name formats.
All examples use this contact information:

  • John Doe
  • Working at Linagora as a Software Developer
Format Example
%FirstName% %LastName% John Doe
%LastName%, %FirstName% (%Company%) Doe, John (Linagora)
%LastName%, %FirstName% (%PrimaryEmail%) - %Company% [%JobTitle%] Doe, John ( - Linagora [Software Developer]