Get Involved

You can contribute to this project in many ways.

Declaring an issue

Your can declare issues using our official bugtracker.

Before declaring an issue

  • Ensure you (we) can easily reproduce your issue using simple steps
  • Check your installation using our installation procedure
  • Check you have root acces to your remote hosts using ssh
  • Check if your issue isn't already declared using our search engine

What to include in your issue

  • Inventory file used
  • Config.yml and customized content in group_vars or host_vars
  • /etc/hosts content

Providing a patch or a new feature

You can provide pull-requests using github. We will try to merge pull-requests everytime it is possible.

Before proposing a pull request

  • Check if your pull request is related to an existing issue
  • If not, create it. We will not read github's issues.
  • There is currently no automated testing tools so try to check that your doesn't broke something

Development rules


  • A task must have a name
  • A task must have at least a tag
  • Tags represent the role or, if role is common, a functionnality
  • Command module is better than shell module
  • Using a module is better than using a command
  • Beware of flushing handlers when they are needed by other tasks


  • Variables are written in lowercase and use underscores to separate words
  • If your variable is a configuration key, place it in group_vars/all
  • If your variable is specific to a group and will never been update by users, place it in group_vars/your_group
  • If your variable is specific to a role and will never been update by users, place it role/you_role/vars