Here are our main goals for next releases.

#### Table of contents

- [Short-term objectives](#short-term-objectives)
- [Medium-term objectives](#medium-term-objectives)
- [Long-term objectives](#long-term-objectives)

Short-term objectives [▲](#top-page "back to top")

Objectives for next release.

* Improve mirror-mode
* Make it compatible with OBM 3.x
* Provide an Apache example virtualhost configuration
* Provide a documentation about how to work with Vagrant

Medium-term objectives [▲](#top-page "back to top")

Objectives for next weeks.

* Improve mirror mode
* Make use of ansible instead of shell script
* Generate roles documentation
* Drastically reduce deployment time on obmfull installation
* Make use of ansible dynamic groups instead of roles dependencies
* Support CentOS/RHEL 7
* Implement LemonLDAP role

Long-term objectives [▲](#top-page "back to top")

Objectives for next months.

* Support Debian GNU/Linux
* Support various clustered installations
* Support Corosync deployment and configuration
* Support OpenLDAP and PostgresSQL clusters